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My fate cannot be mastered; it can only be collaborated with and thereby, be directed. Nor am I the captain of my soul; I am only its noisiest passenger. - Aldous Huxley

April 13th
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April 13th
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outdated computer’s failed attempt at suicide, 2014

April 11th
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When I met Johnny, I was pure virgin. He changed that. He was my first everything. My first real kiss. My first real boyfriend. My first fiancé. The first guy I had sex with. So he’ll always be in my heart. Forever. Kind of funny that word.” - Winona Ryder

April 11th
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April 5th
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Anonymous: Who are all those read more's about?

What I talk about throughout them, aren’t in any way interrelated. They’re about different people, and different situations. hm

April 5th
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Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale. Source

March 31st
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